OPGW Extra-Strength Double Helical Tension Set

Helical Tension Set is mainly used in optical cable installation on strain tower, angle tower and dead-end tower. The material of Helical Tension Set is aluminum-clad steel or galvanized steel wire which has excellent mechanical and electrical performance, to insure strong electrochemical corrosion and fatigue resistance. Grip strength of the Helical Tension Set is no less than 95% Rated Tensile Strength of the cable.

The installation of Helical Tension Set is simple, convenient and quickly, it is unnecessary to use any specialized tools, only one person can complete the operation, saving the time of construction greatly and increasing construction efficiency to reduce installation cost. The quality of installation can be examined by the naked eye, without any specialized training and special tools for installation inspection.

A complete set of Helical Tension Set is including Aluminum Alloy or Aluminum-Clad steel Dead-end, Structural Reinforcing Rods, Supporting fittings and Grounding wire Clamps etc.


Product Usage and Characteristics

  • OPGW Extra-Strength Double Helical Tension Set is special designed for cable installation on large span, high fall and big corner over head line, where the cable RTS is larger than 160kN. It is composed of three layers construction, including inner reinforcing rods, structural reinforcing rods and outer layer Dead-ends. This structure improves the tensile strength of Helical Tension set, without restriction such as line turn-angle. A complete set of OPGW Extra-Strength Double Helical Tension Set includes helical rods, link fittings and Grounding Clamps etc

Product Parameters

Type Available Dia. of Cable RTS of Cable (kN)
Min. (mm) Max. (mm)
FOTLS 170/1530 14.1 15.3 170
FOTLS 170/1660 15.4 16.6 170
FOTLS 170/1790 16.7 17.9 170
FOTLS 210/1660 15.4 16.6 210
FOTLS 210/1790 16.7 17.9 210
FOTLS 210/1920 18.0 19.2 210
FOTLS 250/1790 16.7 17.9 250
FOTLS 250/1920 18.0 19.2 250
FOTLS 250/2050 19.3 20.5 250
FOTLS 320/1920 18.0 19.2 320
FOTLS 320/2050 19.3 20.5 320
FOTLS 400/2050 19.3 20.5 400
FOTLS 400/2180 20.6 21.8 400



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