SC Pushable Patch Cord

Fiberik pushable cable assemblies offer a flexible, pushable pre-terminated fiber optic drop solution for fast and reliable FTTX deployments.The pushable connector enables the pre-connectorized cable to be installed through microducts and small holes that are typical of most FTTX scenarios. This cable can be installed without using large conduits or drilling big holes through the customer’s wall. This Pushable assembly can be successfully pushed through small holes and microduct . Hand push distances vary according to bend frequency and duct quality; The rugged round drop cable with the pushable pre-terminated connector, reduces the cost of fiber deployments as well as the intrinsic skill and difficulty of handling and connecting customer drop cables.


Product Application

  • FTTX/FTTH indoor and outdoor use
  • Telecom
  • LAN&WAN Networks

Product Features

  • Easily installed, reduces installation costs, eliminates in-field splicing
  • Tool-less installation Investment
  • Smooth wall protective sleeve is easily removed and an outer housing is snapped into place
  • RoHS and REACH materials compliant


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