Fullaxs Waterproof Patch Cord

The FULLAXS MINI waterproof connector is a compact, high-performance connector which compatible with TE Connectivity FULLAXS connectors. It can provide waterproof solutions for SC/LC/MPO connectors. Compared to traditional FULLAXS connectors, it has a 23% smaller size. The connector is made of special plastic that is resistant to high and low temperatures, acid and alkali corrosion, and UV radiation. With the addition of waterproof sealing gaskets, its protective performance can reach IP67 level. It can be used to address challenges posed by harsh outdoor environments and is widely applied in areas such as base station data transmission, microwave equipment, industrial robots, aerospace, and more.


Product Application

  • Multi-purpose Outdoor
  • For connection between distribution box and RRH
  • Deployment in Remote Radio Head cell tower applications

Product Features

  • Open bulkhead for easy access to SFP
  • IP67 water and dust protection
  • Bulkhead cutout allows for removal of transceiver through the bulkhead
  • No need to open remote radio head (RRH) for transceiver replacement
  • Water proof, dust proof and corrosion resistant
  • Plug has tolerance free design, free floating on Z-axis


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