72 Core ODF

Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) is a device used in fiber-optic telecommunications networks to connect, manage and distribute optical fibers from incoming and outgoing cables. It acts as a distribution point for fiber-optic cables in a central office, data center, or other communication facilities.

ODFs typically consist of a frame or cabinet with a series of panels, adapters, and splice trays for connecting and managing optical fibers. They may also include splitters, patch cords, and other accessories for routing and distributing signals.

ODFs are designed to provide a high degree of flexibility, allowing fiber-optic cables to be easily routed and interconnected as needed. They are an essential component in the construction and maintenance of fiber-optic networks, enabling efficient and reliable communication across long distances.

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Product Parameters

Product Type Rack mounted 
Port Qty 72
Adaptor Type LC,SC,FC,ST
Splice Tray ABS 12 core*6
Material 1.0mm Q235 cold rolled steel sheet 
Dimension 485*300*180mm
Weight 6Kg
Working temperature ﹣40~﹢60°C



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