Fiber optics is one of the fastest growing technologies in the wire and cable industry today. As more telecommunications and network systems make the switch to fiber, your customers demand the safest and best performing optical fiber cabling products available to do the job.

UL can assess fiber optic products for performance and reliability to any UL, published industry standard or to your company’s proprietary specifications. The common published specifications include:

• GR-20, Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber and Optical Fiber Cable
• GR-326, Generic Requirements for Single mode Optical Connectors and Jumper Assemblies
• GR-409, Generic Requirements for Premises Fiber Optic Cable
• IEC 60794-2-20 – Optical Fiber Cables – Part-2-20 Indoor Cables –Family specification for multi-fiber optical cables
• IEC 60794-3-11 – Optical Fiber Cables – Part 3-11 Outdoor Cables – Product specification for duct, directly buried, and lashed aerial cables single-mode optical fiber telecommunications cable
• IEC 61753-021-3 – Fiber optic interconnecting devices and passive components – Performance standard – single-mode fiber optic connectors for Category U – Uncontrolled environment

Program Benefits
The primary program benefits include:

• Address the growing concern of performance compliance in the Information and Communications Technology Industry
• Enhance market acceptance with UL’s well-proven Performance Verification
• Mark. Products bearing the Mark have undergone the most stringent testing and follow-up inspection programs in the fiber optics industry.
• Reduce time and cost by integrating your fiber optic Performance testing submittal with any UL Safety or NEBS testing needs that your company has.
• Multiple fiber-optic product categories for safety and performance testing
• Testing to international fiber-optic performance standards
• Insure compliance and reduce liability and risk to all stakeholders in the supply chain
• Protection through UL’s unmatched Anti-Counterfeiting Program.

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